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No need to wedge your bottle of compound or knee in the boot or door jamb, let this natty little tool do it for you.

Get right up to the edges on boot lids and doors.


approx 6" long.

Excel Door Latch Lock

  • How do I fit the Excel Latch Lock and how long does it take?

    It takes the average person around 10 SECONDS to fit or remove a Excel Latch Lock - no tools are required and here is how to do it
    Unwind the threaded hook a few turns and place it over the post or through the catch inside the car.


    Gently screw on the Excel Latch Lock until it is firm but not over tight. Now close the door by pushing the latch mechanism onto the free end of the Excel Latch Lock.


    The vehicle can now be locked in the normal way using the key or central locking.