Bilt Hamber Heavy Duty Citrus (Hand Wash)

Bilt Hamber Heavy Duty Citrus (Hand Wash)

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Industrial solvent-free hand cleaner
Heavy Duty-CITRUS a heavy duty hand cleaning gel, based on naturally derived cleansing agents, further enhanced by the use of mild polybead abrasive and emollients.

A Comparison

Most traditional hand cleaners, whilst removing the dirt and grime as required, also remove natural oils in the skin. This can lead to skin cracking in cold weather but also more serious conditions like dermatitis.

Heavy Duty CITRUS’ emollients are designed specifically to overcome this problem. Some other hand cleansers have quite a strong and sometimes unpleasant odour, whilst this product has a very pleasant citrus scent, as you may have guessed.

It quickly removes dirt and eliminates grease. It also removes dyes, inks and paint.


Pump dispenser NOT included.