Carbon Collective - Panel Prep

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Panel Prep Surface & Glass Cleanser

Panel Prep Surface Cleanser has now been reformulated to be stronger and more effective.

Panel Prep is an alcohol based formula designed to remove all polish and wax residues, providing the perfect base for our protective coatings, creating a stronger and more durable bond.

In addition, due to the alcohol based formula, Panel Prep is also a very effective glass cleaner, creating a streak free finish whilst being sealant-safe on our Platinum Glass and other glass sealants.


1. Ensure all surfaces are dry and free from oil & dirt. Use Panel Prep prior to coating application.

2. Spray Panel Prep directly onto a soft microfibre cloth from 20-30cm’s away.

3. Using the damp microfibre, wipe down your chosen surface.

4. Work in sections, revealing a streak free, decontaminated finish.