Excel Dual Action Polisher Carbon Collective Kit.

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- A couple of little additions/modifications that we feel make the machine more comfortable to use over a long period of timeMORE POWERFUL THAN ITS COMPETITORS

- Other polishers use 400/500/600W Motors. We have used a 900W super powerful motor to give the user the best paint correction and finish possible.TRIED AND TESTED

- Simply put, we have had these machines rigorously tested to make sure they meet the standards you expect when purchasing a high-end machine polisher SAFE FOR BEGINNERS

- Just starting out and scared of damaging your paintwork? Random orbital (dual action) polishers are safer than their Rotary counterparts as the random orbit in which the pad spins means less heat is generated. Less heat = less chance of damaging your precious paintwork.

12 MONTH WARRANTY - A no questions asked 12 month Warranty against manufacturer faults. In the unlikely event your machine develops a fault you can return it to us to either be repaired or replaced.


• Power Consumption: 900 watts

• Operating Voltage: 240 VAC, 50-60Hz

• Lifting speed: 2500-6800 min-1

• Weight: 2.3kg• Cable length: 6m

• Polierhub (throw): 8 mm

• Thread connection: 5/16 "-24

• Backing Plate diameter: 125 mm and 75mm

• Certified by: CE


•GEN 2 Dual Action Machine Polisher

• D handle

Velcro backing pad 125 mm and 75mm

• Allen key for Velcro pad

• Spare set of Carbon Brushes


Prima is a one-step high performance cutting compound, designed to cover a wide range of correction duties on all common paint systems; including modern ceramic nano-particle and scratch-resistant clear coats, as well as conventional paint finishes. Prima uses state of the art diminishing abrasives created from high-purity aluminium oxide. These diminishing abrasives break down quickly in use, forming a progressively finer polishing residue. As a result, the level of cut diminishes quickly from a moderate strength cutting compound to an ultra-fine finishing polish, correcting and refining the paint in a single step. Teaming Prima with the appropriate pad for the paint type, the overall level of cut can be carefully controlled to obtain perfect results every time.

For example, with our HEX Polishing Pads; Compound 1 can be used for a heavier cut,

Compound 2 for a medium cut and the Polishing pad to finalise and refine the finish. The filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary.*

– Real 1-step correction results*

– Low Dust* – Easy Wipe*

– High Gloss*

– High Cut*

– Removes 2000 grit sanding marks*

– Designed to work with our HEX polishing pads Pads.