Excel Wash & Dry Bundle

Excel Wash & Dry Bundle

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The Excel Wash and Dry Bundle consists of 

1 x 80x50cm Twist Drying Towel 

1 x 40x40cm Twist Mini Drying Towel 

1 x 27x27cm Chenille Wash pad

The Excel Dual Twist Drying towel, measuring 50x80cm / 40x40cm and weighing in at 1400gsm. The twisted pile ensures a large amount of water can be retained with no streaks or smears.

Size: 50x80cm / 40x40cm 
Colour: Grey
Country of origin: China

Chenille Wash Pads are arguably the safest media to wash your vehicles with, a test in pro detailer magazine saw the funky style pad beat some of the big names in wash media the Excel Chenille is no exception measuring 27x27cm it covers are vast area whilst holding plenty of wash solution.
Size: 27x27cm
Colour: Grey 
Country of Origin: China