Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier

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Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier Hand Spray is a product with a wipe-free guarantee! Washing the car before application is not always necessary, because our product does not only protect your car from damage by repelling water and oil, but also removes dirt marks, if they are not that stubborn. The effect of the fluorine resin makes it so that ritual car washing can be almost entirely forgotten. Both men and women can use this product in order to achieve an equally flawless masterpiece, without sticky and smelly after-effects that most other conventional coatings produce. Petroleum-free formulation.

* Make sure that your car’s color is compatible with this product.
* Wash off dirt in advance to protect the surface from scratches.
1. Shake the bottle well.
2. Spray it on the car and spread it as evenly as possible with the included towel.
*Refold it and use another clean side when it becomes hard to wipe.