Carbon Collective - HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher – 15mm

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HEX-15 Machine Polisher

Perfectly balanced in an ergonomic housing with 6-speed settings, giving you ultimate control, removing swirls without the risks linked to a traditional rotary polisher.

Our HEX polisher is designed to correct even the hardest of paints with ease, the 15mm throw is perfect for a wide range of uses including intricate areas and delicate finishes.

The huge 900W motor powers through the most oxidised of paints, whilst the long 5M cable ensures you aren’t tied down to one area.

Completely redesigned from its previous counterpart, we’ve upgraded the internals to include Japanese bearings and reinforced the power cable to ensure it lasts the test of time.

Ventilation has been maximised to prevent heat built up and ergonomics have also been improved with an increased amount of rubber on the casing, making it more comfortable whilst helping protect against bumps and drops.

  • 15mm throw
  • 125mm Backing Plate
  •  Large Footprint
  • Japanese Bearings
  • Side Handle
  •  1,650 – 4,800 RPM
  • 230V/50hz
  •  900W
  • 5 Metre Cable
  • Optional Side Handle Included
  • 3 pin UK Plug or EU Plug
  • Spare Motor Brushes
  • Weight: 2.6kg (approx)