Carbon Collective - Sateen Tyre & Rubber Protectant 2.0

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Unlike any other product on the market, Carbon Collective Sateen 2.0's revolutionary new formulation creates a durable coating which bonds to the surface and cures to become dry to the touch. Ensuring no sling or transfer!Sateen‘s anti-static properties repels dust, dirt and water, becoming the new active layer on the surface. Water-based & durable, providing a long-lasting UV protective layer on tyres & rubber, lasting weeks, not days! When 1 coat is applied, rubber is left with a rich satin finish, resistant to water, oil & dirt. Layering up additional coats increases gloss levels. For a long-lasting wet-look finish, apply 2-3 coats, 15 minutes apart. – Water-Based – Long-Lasting – Water Repellant – Oil Repellant – Dirt Repellant – No Sling – Satin Finish (1 coat) – Gloss Finish (2-3 coats) – Durability of 3+ weeks Directions For Use:Ensure all previous tyre dressings and silicones have been removed prior to application.Clean surface thoroughly with APC or Citrus Cleanser to remove dirt & old dressings.Always apply on a dry surface, if possible dry with our Air Force 1 Dryer.Apply 3-4 sprays onto one of our foam tyre applicators.Apply evenly over the surface until the desired effect is achieved.The coating will begin to clear as the coating cures.Apply 2 coats for maximum gloss.