Soft99 Fusso Coat & Rain Drop Offer

Soft99 Fusso Coat & Rain Drop Offer

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Fusso Coat is a Japanese car care and detailing legend and an absolute European bestseller, chosen by over 10 million car owners. The unsurpassed formula based on fluoropolymers makes Fusso Coat a competitive contender against even high-performance quartz coatings. Fusso Coat is a guarantee of an amazing shiny effect, spectacular hydrophobicity and the most reliable protection reaching up to 12 months.

Rain Drop is revolutionary instant car care solution for a shiny and comprehensively protected car. The RAS technology allows the product to be applied to any wet surface during the drying process. Be it varnish, glass, plastic, chrome, headlights and even rims, Rain Drop will emphasize the look of any surface, giving it water-repellency and protecting it against dirt. The revolutionary method of application uses a special atomizer to spray the product under high pressure and over a long distance, which allows you to quickly cover even large surfaces and reduce working time to an absolute minimum. Bazooka can be used both as a stand-alone product, but it is great as a quick detailer for synthetic waxes such as Fusso Coat, invisible wipers, or professional coatings.

Available with Light or Dark Fusso Coat

* Remember to make sure the car is wet before applying Rain Drop! Paintwork protected by Fusso Coat has extreme hydrophobic properties, which may make working with Rain Drop slightly harder.