Our most popular service, compromising of a single stage machine polish that will remove light defects and bring back a showroom finish.

What’s included:

  • Wheels are washed from front to back.
  • Snowfoamed and cleansed including all panel gaps, door, boot and bonnet shuts and badges, then rinsed.
  • The whole car is then washed using the two bucket method and then rinsed.
  • Chemical decontamination removing Fallout and Tar
  • Then clayed to remove all final contaminants making the bodywork perfectly smooth and glass like.
  • Every panel is checked and recorded with a paint depth gauge, to ascertain the level of paint on the vehicle. All plastic, lights, badges, bright work, door handles and shuts are masked off to ensure no damage is caused whilst polishing.
  • The car is then polished using a machine polisher and a combination of pads and compounds to remove the swirls and light scratches from the vehicles paintwork.
  • The cars paintwork is treated to a complete ipa wipe down. This is to ensure that the panels are perfectly clean prior to any protective product used. The bodywork is then protected with protection of your choice.
  • Tyres and wheel arches are dressed.
  • Wheels coated if requested.
  • All brightwork is cleaned and protected.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned.
  • Interior is valeted, and interior glass is cleaned

Prices starting from:

  • Small vehicles: £430 (Fiesta)
  • Medium vehicles: £480 (VW Golf)
  • Large vehicles: £550 (BMW 5-Series)
  • Extra Large vehicles: £620 (Range rover sport)

Time taken
2 -3 days

Coatings can be applied at an extra cost.