Popular with well used and slightly older cars that have been neglected for a bit too long and require more correction work to eliminate their past, or for the client who wants their car to be restored to showroom condition.

This service involves safely removing defect where possible, eliminating swirls, scratches and oxidation.

What’s included:

  • Depending of the level of service required.
  • Wheels and wheel arches are deep cleaned.
  • Door shuts and engine bay are cleaned.
  • Pre rinse and snow foam.
  • The whole car is then washed using the two bucket method and then rinsed.
  • Tar deposits and iron fallout are chemically removed.
  • The car is then clayed to remove the last of all contaminants.
  • The car is then blown dry to ensure no moisture is left on the surface.
  • Every panel is checked and recorded with a paint depth gauge.
  • The car is then machine polished, to reach the desired finish.
  • The cars paintwork is then wiped down with panel wipe to ensure the paint is free of polishing oils.
  • The bodywork is then protected with the chosen product.
  • Tyres and arches are dressed.
  • Wheels off and sealed including barrels.
  • All brightwork is cleaned and protected.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned and sealed.
  • Interior is valeted, and interior glass is cleaned

Time taken
3-6 days

Price P.O.A