Xpel Factory Trained Paint Protection Installer (PPF) Installer.

Constructed from advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE’s unique clear coat not only prevents the film from discolouring due to contamination and ultra-violet radiation, but also heals itself from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur from daily driving or during the weekly wash.

Contaminants like bug splatter, bird droppings, sap and road tar wipe off XPEL ULTIMATE’s super-slick surface with a cloth, while scuffs and light scratches in the surface of the film disappear within minutes in the heat of the sun or the warmth of your garage leaving your car pristine and the protective film like new.

The mirror smooth finish of XPEL ULTIMATE ensures that no unwanted texture, commonly referred to as "orange-peel" is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the factory paint. Application by factory trained installers ensures exact alignment around surface features such as air inlets, parking sensors, headlamp washers and other design elements, while the film along the perimeter of each panel is wrapped around the edges for a truly invisible barrier.

Why choose Paint Protection Film?

  • The highest quality film used
  • Gloss or frosted film available
  • The clearest paint protection film on the market
  • The patented acrylic adhesive will withstand lubricants, oils, UV rays
  • Our film contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mould growth
  • Flawless installation
  • Pre-designed patterns, nobody will take a knife to your paintwork
  • We can combine a paint correction detail with a paint protection installation and save you time and money
  • 5 years warranty on the film and installation work
  • Customers come to us when quality matters, this is an investment into your vehicle so make sure you choose the best



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