Protection detail will boost the clarity of your paint work adding gloss and slickness, whilst giving protection against the natural elements.

What’s included:

Depending of the level of service required, we offer the following treatments:

  • Wheels deep cleaned.
  • Door shuts and arches are cleaned.
  • Full snow foam pre rinse followed by safe wash process, using the two bucket method.
  • Tar and Iron deposits chemically removed.
  • Dried using microfibre cloths.
  • Any last oils or residues are removed with an ipa wipe down prior to protection.
  • Vehicle is then coated in the chosen protection.
  • Tyres and wheel arches are dressed.
  • Interior is valeted.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned.


  • Small vehicles: £140 (Fiesta)
  • Medium vehicles: £160 (VW Golf)
  • Large vehicles: £180 (BMW 5-Series)
  • Extra Large vehicles: £200 (Range rover sport)

Time taken
1-2 days