APS PRO ALPHA Medium Soft 5"

APS PRO ALPHA Medium Soft 5"

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APS Pro Alpha Dual Layer polishing machine pads, in combination with the APS Katana pads, mark the latest development from APS in the field of polishing sponges and consistent further development of the conical-shaped polishing pads with the central perforation. The APS Pro Alpha polishing machine pads are made of high-quality "Made in Germany" foam types and thus enable perfect polishing results with a long service life .

APS Pro Alpha polishing pads are so-called dual layer pads and are made up of two different foam layers. The first layer of foam, the so-called pressure propagation layer, sits directly behind the stable Velcro layer. The Pressure Propagation Layer consists of a thin foam layer with little flexibility and fulfils two important tasks. The large foam cells and reduced compressibility ensure optimal heat dissipation from the backing pad. At the same time, the pressure propagation layer prevents direct contact between the support plate and the soft lower foam layer (polishing layer). So will potential paint damage reliably prevented by the contact between the support plate and the paint due to the machine malfunction. . The foam layer (polishing layer) underneath the pressure propagation layer has a reduced overall height, which, like the popular APS slim pads, results in reduced shearing of the foam in eccentric operation. In particular with small-stroke eccentric polishing machines and forced rotary polishers, this enables a higher polishing performance. With long-stroke eccentrics, the low shear of the polishing layer reduces the turbulence in the polishing grain and thus always enables a flawless paint finish .

APS Pro Alpha Dual Layer polishing machine pads have a conical foam cut and prevent damage to the polishing pad by the backing pad through excessive pressure or tilting. At the same time, the sloping flank enables easier access to problem areas and depressions as well as complete visual control in the edge area .

Another highlight of the APS Pro Alpha Dual Layer polishing pads is the central perforation . This ensures efficient cooling of the backing pad by reliably removing the heat. In addition, the pads can be centred much more easily on the backing pad.

The 75mm version of the APS Alpha Dual Layer polishing machine pad enables more comfortable and targeted use on uneven and narrow areas of paint . On rotary polishers, the machine's tensile force is noticeably reduced due to the smaller diameters and the ejection of polish spatter is greatly reduced when the machine is held at an angle.

The medium cut version of the orange APS Pro Alpha Pad is ideally suited for use with mild grinding pastes, as well as all anti-hologram and finish polishes for efficient correction of haze, holograms and fine swirls.


  • With the high-quality polishing pads of the APS Pro Alpha series, we are expanding our range to include professional, conically-shaped polishing sponges with a punched-out centre for higher performance and more effective use of the polishing agents.
  • Long service life thanks to the "Made in Germany" quality foam.
  • The open-cell structure of the foam gives the pad the ability to flexibly follow the surface unevenness, depending on its hardness. At the same time, the removed "dead" particles are quickly transported into the interior of the pad.
  • The orange alpha polishing pad has a moderate removal rate and is primarily suitable for gentle and efficient paint correction in the finishing area.
  • Velcro diameter: Ø127mm (ideal for Ø125mm backing pads)
  • Support surface diameter (footprint): approx. Ø142mm
  • Pad height / material thickness: 25mm
  • Strength / removal rate: medium strength, 3/5