APS PRO Dosing Cap

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APS Pro Dosing Cap is a practical dosing cap with the coloured cap for convenient storage and dosing of liquid car care products. With these dosing caps, you can easily get an exact amount of liquid from a bottle.

The dosing caps are turned onto a bottle. By pressing your hand on the bottle, the dosing cap is filled with the solution from the bottle. By means of the scale classification, you can follow the dosage and press until you have reached the desired dosage. Now the bottle can be turned over and the dosed contents can be emptied from the cap container.

  • With sealed warranty strip on the cap
  • Drainage
  • Perfectly lockable
  • Integrated splash protection
  • suitable for common 28/410 + 28/400 
  • Scale up to 20ml in 5ml increments
  • Total volume up to the edge of the container: approx. 30ml