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APS Pro Katana Dual Layer polishing machine pads is the latest development from APS in the field of polishing sponges and a consequent further development of the conical-shaped polishing pads with the central perforation. The APS Pro Katana polishing machine pads are made of high-quality "Made in Germany" foam types and thus enable perfect polishing results with a long service life .

APS Pro Katana polishing pads are so-called dual layer pads and are made up of two different foam layers. The first layer of foam, the so-called pressure absorber layer, sits directly behind the stable Velcro layer. The pressure absorber layer consists of a super soft and extra flexible foam layer and has the task of compensating for the unevenness of the pad surface and incorrect posture of the machine during polishing . This property allows the foam layer underneath (cutting layer) the greatest possible flexibility and freedom of movement, especially on uneven, kinked and sloping surfaces.

With freely rotating dual-action eccentric polishing machines, the rotational movement of the support plate or pad is created by the kinetic energy from the stroke movement. The rotational movement is an important factor in the removal efficiency and is always desirable as an additional movement. The problem with this is that the rotational movement can very easily be stopped during the polishing process due to surface unevenness or incorrect positioning of the machine. One speaks of the so-called tilting. The pressure absorber layer intervenes precisely at this point and reliably compensates for the temporary tilting . This effectively prevents the rotational movement from being decelerated and the pad works with constant polishing performance.

A special combination of 3 foam types was chosen for the cutting layer . This combination not only covers the most frequently required removal rates, but also enables almost infinitely variable adaptation to the respective requirement. The green Regular Cut Pad, whose cutting layer is made from the currently most modern, thermally stable foam type , receives special attention . The thermally stable foams give much less to heat and moisture and retain a higher percentage of their original compressive strength over the entire period. This property enables a higher contact pressure for more effective removal rates.

APS Pro Katana Dual Layer polishing machine pads have a cone-shaped foam cut and prevent damage to the polishing pad from the backing pad through excessive pressure or tilting. At the same time, the sloping flank enables easier access to problem areas and depressions as well as complete visual control in the edge area .

Another highlight of the APS Pro Katana Dual Layer polishing pads is the central perforation . This ensures efficient cooling of the backing pad by reliably removing the heat. In addition, the pads can be centred much more easily on the backing pad.

The Regular Cut version of the green APS Pro Katana Pad is ideal for use with mild and coarse fine grinding pastes for the efficient correction of medium and strong paint defects and deep swirls


  • With the high-quality polishing pads of the APS Pro Katana series, we are expanding our range to include professional, conically-shaped polishing sponges with a punched-out centre for higher performance and more effective use of the polishing agents.
  • Long service life thanks to the "Made in Germany" quality foam.
  • The open-cell structure of the foam gives the pad the ability to flexibly follow the surface unevenness, depending on its hardness. At the same time, the removed "dead" particles are quickly transported into the interior of the pad.
  • The green Katana polishing pad has the second strongest removal rate of the Katana series and is primarily suitable for the efficient correction of moderate paint damage.
  • Velcro diameter: Ø127mm (ideal for Ø125mm backing pads)
  • Support surface diameter (footprint): approx. Ø142mm
  • Pad height / material thickness: 28mm
  • Strength / removal rate: high (firm), 4/5