Excel Detailing Detailing  Big Foamer Lance

Excel Detailing Detailing Big Foamer Lance

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The EXCEL Big Foamer is great for the application of your pre wash or snow foam, Producing a thick blanket of foam to remove and loosen built up dirt and grime from your vehicles bodywork

* Adjustable spray pattern (horizontal or vertical) with a twist of the wrist
* Hi-Flow Breather Valve mixes the perfect amount of air with the high pressure water and product to create thick clinging foam
* Adjustable nozzle sprays foam from 0 Degree soapy jet to a gentle extra-wide 90 Degree fan
* Sprays thick car wash foam over any vehicle
* Available in Karcher, Nilfisk and 1/4 Quick Release
* 800ml Tank Capacity with wide base to provide better surface stability when not in use
* Plastic Chassis and Copper Components

Measures: 26cm High x 16.5cm Width Top x 10.5cm Width Bottom