Digloss Giraedge Tyre Shine

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SOFT99 Digloss Giraedge Tyre Shine creates smooth and thick glossy layer.

Features a flexi head that easily adjusts to various tyre sidewalls, even those with stretched tyres which tends to have a slight gap between tyre and wheel.

The super creative design leaves no mess and is waste free, simply remove cap & apply!


  • Solvent free and can apply up to 6 vehicles (use dependent)
  • 1. Prepare the tyre surface to remove any excessive dirt on it (make sure to do the preparation properly such as using degreaser to clean the surface, as it will affect the durability of the product)
  • 2. Shake well before use, remove cap and attach the sponge side to the tire sidewall
  • 3. Spread evenly letting the fluid out
  • 4. Leave to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes after applying, no need to wipe off
  • 5. Close the cap after use