EXCEL DETAILING  Exclusive Ceramic Coating

EXCEL DETAILING Exclusive Ceramic Coating

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Excel Detailing - Exclusive is a collaboration between ourselves and AR Exclusive Car Care having tried pretty much all the coatings on the market and left feeling underwhelmed we thought it was time to create our own, after years of testing and finalising we feel this is ready for the market.


Exclusive Ceramic Coating is the ultimate paint protection once applied it offers up to 3yrs protection, even more with correct care. Its unique chemical make up and application enables it to achieve a thick and even protective coating.

Exclusive Ceramic Coated surfaces gain a highly hydrophobic surface that results to an easy clean, super hydrophobic, stain resistant and candy gloss like finish.


1. Mist the working area with water not saturated but so you can see it’s there.

2. Apply 4-6 drops of Exclusive to a Microfibre applicator, spread the coating with overlapping passes in a cross hatch formation (recommended at 50x50cm for each area.

3. Timings these will vary from 1-6 minutes from application depending on the room temps

(30℃ - 2 min, 20℃ - 4 min, 10℃ - 6 min)

Using a wet towel to remove the bulk of the coating using no pressure (no need to wipe repeatedly, just spread coating) then immediately use a dry towel to wipe the remaining coating until the surface is clear.

4. Check the finished area if any high spots remain repeat step 3. Then step back and enjoy the view, gloss will get greater as time passes. Allow to cure overnight and avoid contact washing for 7 days.

Exclusive can be layered if time and budget allows, with an additional layer producing a thicker, more durable coating. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours between layers.

Bottle size: 30ml.

*intended use is indoors, not suitable for outdoor application*

Exclusive is a layerable coating and will produce a thicker top coat if used correctly.