Feynlab Panel Prep

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FEYNLAB® PANEL PREP is deep cleaning final step, engineered to remove all polish residue, oils, and dust from all exterior vehicle surfaces. After a thorough wipe down with Panel Prep, the true condition of polished surfaces are revealed which is vital to final inspection prior to coating application. Traditional IPA based cleaners only remove light oils, leaving behind heavier oils based in petroleum. PANEL PREP bonds to both the light and heavy oils assisting in removal, revealing the true state of a polished surface.Product Benefits:PANEL PREP easily removes all surface oils or filling agents, revealing the true state of a surface.Use of Panel Prep cleans surfaces completely, ensuring optimal bonding of FEYNLAB® or any coating.Panel Prep also works as an excellent streak free glass cleanerPanel Prep body shop safe – 100% silicone freeApproved Surfaces:APPROVED SURFACES FOR APPLICATION ONLY: – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfacesClear-coated painted surfaces (see warranty terms and conditions for approved manufacturers &vehicle typesPolycarbonate plastics such as headlights and tail lightsIncluded:A 500 ml Bottle.