Lake Country HDO One-Step Microfibre

Lake Country HDO One-Step Microfibre

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Lake Country HDO One-Step Light Cutting Fibre Pad

Precision sizing – This maximizes the performance and durability of the pad and polishing process. A perfect balance of safety and performance.

Exact fit hook & loop – This feature allows for an easy to centre fit and a perfect alignment on your backing plate.

Centre hole – A centre hole promotes increased heat dissipation, increased durability of the pad, and is another way to ensure your pad is perfectly aligned on the backing plate. (Not applicable on 3.5 inch HDO One-Step pads)

A medium density foam – This foam build is optimal for performance on curved and contoured panels, creates an increased user experience, and higher durability.

Plush, dense microfiber pile – Offers a maximum cutting ability for a polishing pad with a great finishing, and one step polishing abilities.

Lake Country HD Orbital Foam Pads are specially designed foam pads that were developed for long-stroke dual action polishers. With the increasing popularity of long-stroke (also referred to as large throw) dual action polishers, the market demanded a line of foam pads designed specifically for these types of machines. After months of strenuous research and development, Lake Country introduced the HDO Foam Pads. And now with the introduction of Lake Country HDO One-Step Light Cutting Fibre Pads – the line includes everything you need!