Scholl Concepts S30+

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Scholl Concepts S30+ is a tried and tested anti-swirl polish.

This high end, one-step micro polishing compound with extreme high gloss finish is suitable for both fresh and used paintwork. Slight to medium defects can be easily polished out, in a single application, without leaving holograms.

With slightly more cut than S40, this fine abrasive nano-compound removes a wider spectrum of moderate paint defects to a high gloss finish. It is great for scratch resistant paint systems, too.
Ideal for removing paint imperfections in the surface of freshly painted vehicles, quickly and efficiently without leaving any swirl marks or holograms, even on dark colours. Also for use on scratched and dull used paints.
Thanks to its innovative abrasive components, this silicone free compound is especially effective on the new generation of scratch resistant paints and lacquers, as well as on traditional vehicle paints.

Cut: Fine (2/6) Gloss: Extreme (6/6)

Sanding Paper: P2500