Scholl Mini Pads XXS 1"

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Scholl XXS Mini Pads with an Extreme Edge profile, they are designed for use with smaller polishers, getting into those challenging areas of car bodywork.

Navy Blue - Cutting

Firm, reticulated premium polishing pad. A brand new, unique heat-resistant foam composition provides a steady and consistent cutting performance.

Purple - Medium Cut 

Superior, firm foam pad with a coarse porous structure, ideal for paint detailing applications. The tear-resistant, reticulated foam composition provides maximum durability.

Orange - Finishing 

This all-purpose, semi-firm pad with a fine, open-cell foam structure is ideal for final finish and sealing applications.


Designed for functionality with intelligent detail - the recessed velour backing enables safe and comfortable polishing in hard-to-access areas while simultaneously preventing damage by the otherwise razor-sharp Velcro face of the back-up disc.