SONAX - Xtreme Protect & Shine Hybrid

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Sonax Xtreme Protect + Shine Hybrid NPT 210ml

Surface protection using Hybrid Polymer Technology for all paintwork surfaces.
This brand new product from Sonax is a wax free high gloss sealant for all new and as new paintwork, and for pre-polished paintwork.
SONAX XTREME Protect + shine covers the paintwork with an extremely stable and glossy protective coating (SONAX Hybrid Net Protection Technology), which provides long lasting protection, intensive rejuvenation of colours and an outstanding lotus effect. It reduces adhesion of dust and dirt, and the shine is automatically restored after every wash.
Sufficient for 3 – 4 straightforward, incredibly fast and easy applications; with no pretreatment or drying times. Each coating lasts up to 6 months and gives the paint an incredible lotus effect.

Wash and Dry the car thoroughly before application.
Shake can before use.
Spray directly onto a microfibre pad or wax applicator pad and spread (max 1/2 hood).
Let dry for 2 minutes, then wipe streaks with a fresh, clean microfiber cloth

1x 210ml Aerosol of Protect & Shine Hybrid NPT