TAC Systems Tire Dressing

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Tire Dressing is TACSYSTEM newly formulated tire refurbishing liquid gel which offers a long lasting high gloss finish whilst enhanicng the elasticity of all tyres, rubber, plastics parts and mud guards. Tire Dressing can restore the used plastic look of the surface and prevents colour changes in the future. Tire Dressing can also reduces stains sticking on the surface applied thus keeping the tyre looking glossier for a longer period of time. It is also lays down a coating as an extra layer of protection to prevent future cracking of the tyre. Tire Dressing is extremely easy to apply, simply wash and spray the gel evenly.

How to Use:

1.Remove contaminants and dry surface of the tire.
2.Apply Tire Dressing using tire applicator
3.Spread Tire Dressing evenly on the tire surface
4.Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before taking off