Ultra Glaco Rain Repellent 70ML

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Ultra Glaco last 6 times longer than conventional product in Japan domestic

The Ultra Glaco contains special state-of-art fluorine formula (PAT-P), to provide a very strong coating to resists friction by wipers, dust, carwash solution or cleaners up to 1 year!

What does it comes with?
- Retail packaging
- Ultra Glaco rain repellent 70ml

How to use?
- We recommend using “Glaco Glass compound roll on” to remove any existing oil film, to maximise the lifespan of the coating
- Make sure to clean off any existing dirt on surface before constructing
- Make sure surface is dry before application
- Shake the bottle well, remove the cap and remove the plastic seal
- Squeeze the bottle to allow solution to damp the foam
- Rub it in circular motion left to right, up to down
- Allow it to haze before buffing (Weather condition apply 5-10min summer 10-15min winter)
- Do not wet the windscreen in next 24 hours to allow full polymerisation

- Do not inhale directly
- Keep out of Children
- Highly flammable, please keep in a cool and dry place
- Please store upright (Cap facing upwards)